Monday, September 17, 2007

Useful Tips about Lips & Applying Lipstick

Soft moist lips are good news throughout the year.

The texture of your lips must always be satiny smooth. To soften chapped, sore or peeling lips, use a good lip balm or chap-stick overnight.

Lipstick not only makes your mouth soft and moist, it also helps define your lips and make your teeth look whiter than they actually are.

Here are some useful tips on applying lipstick

If your lips are too thin and straight, apply your lipstick from slightly above the line of the upper lip and slightly below the line of the lower lip. Curve the lines slightly.

If your mouth is too small, bring your lip color a little out of the corners of the mouth.

If your lips have a bluish tinge, a yellow-tinted lipstick worn under a normal color will help. Avoid Indian pinks, bluish reds and mauvy shades.

You can ‘draw out' a timid under lip by applying a dark lip color on the upper lip and a paler one on the lower lip.

For a mouth that is too pouty, reverse the coloring. This time apply a pale color on the upper lip and a darker one on the lower one.

Make your lips look fuller by using a darker and richer shade in the centre and a lighter one in the corners.
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