Monday, June 22, 2009

Is Laughter The Best Medicine for Your Beauty?

Laughter is the best medicine, because, when we laugh, we draw air in and out of our lungs more than during normal breathing. Therefore, laughter pushes more oxygen into the blood stream increasing the circulation and our heart rate. When we laugh, we become mentally sharper and our nerves and muscles also relax giving us a feeling of well-being. Humor is a vital way of dealing with our daily problems and it also helps us to maintain a good health, and we have fewer emotional problems. Laughter is also very much vital for our mental health; a good mental health helps you combat disease and also helps in stopping deterioration in your condition if you are sick. It is said, "Mirth is the principal engine for battering the walls of melancholy and it is a sufficient cure in itself".

It was discovered in World War II that people with a good sense of humor survived the concentration camps than people who never laughed.

Scientists in USA have found that laughter is a prime stress reliever. It can cure headaches, fights infection and also helps to reduce blood pressure.

Adrenalin and endorphins are natural hormones of the body, which gives us a feeling of happiness and these rise with laughter. Our muscles in the abdomen and chest get a good exercise since laughter causes us to take deep breaths; we also inhale a large quantity of oxygen which revitalizes the body. So, laughter not only helps by releasing stored up tensions which make us feel stressed, but also helps us to live longer.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Natural Growth of Nose Hair

Let us come to nose now. Natural growth of hair in the nose is a protector from the diseases of throat, tonsils and lungs. Children who suffer from enlarged tonsils should be trained by the mothers to see that they sleep with their mouths closed. Children sleeping with their mouth open during day or night should be got examined at the earliest and cure of rhinitis or polyps etc., if existing. As a matter of fact, such situations should be taken note of, right from the infancy. We gave no reason to say that hair growth in the nose have no part to play to remove dust particles entering the lungs. If the nasal hair is for the protection of lungs, why not to consider that hair on face also do protection of face and its underneath construction like gums and teeth?
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