Saturday, September 01, 2007

Natural Eye Care Remedies & Tips

Cucumber slices on the eyes are tremendous revivers for tired, red eyes.

Increase your water intake to at least eight glasses per day. Other than doing tremendous things for your complexion, this helps to keep eyes clear and healthy. In some cases it is also known to remove dark circles.

Use salt to remove puffiness of the under-eye area (preferably sea salt). Dissolve one teaspoon salt in one cup of hot water. Soak two small cotton pads in this solution. Apply to eyelids until the pads cool. Then rinse with cold water.

To get rid of crows-feet or the tiny lines around the eyes, hold a cold water wash-cloth against your dosed eyes for a couple of minutes every morning.

Always massage your eyes in the same direction as the lines. Horizontally, never up and down.
For grit in the eye, introduce one drop of castor oil into the eye, using a dropper.

For cataract, take homoeopathic Calcarea Iodine 6.

For scaly eyelids, take at least one teaspoon of vegetable oil every day on salads or vegetables.
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