Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Guide for Spectacle Frames

Instead of being a handicap, spectacles can sometimes become one of your most attractive accessories.

Here are some tips to help you choose your spectacle frames.

Frames must suit the shape of your face. Ideally a short face takes shallow frames best; while a long face adapts best to deep ones. While deciding on the line of the frame, follow the shape of your eyebrows as closely as possible.

If your nose is short, your frame should be light in color and set high on the top of your nose.

If your nose is long, your frame should fit low on the nose. If your eyes are close-set, keep the bridge of the frame colorless.

If, however, you feel that spectacles are just not right for you, contact lenses are the answer.
Get yourselves the best glasses or contact-lenses that money can buy. Be sure to go to a good modern ophthalmologist who will test your eyes thoroughly.

Remember, well-fitted and attractive glasses help you to look and feel years younger because they remove the strain in and around your eyes.
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