Tuesday, September 18, 2007

How to Keep Your Hands Soft and Pretty?

Your hands are on show just as much as your face; you must look after them. If you've been neglecting them, they will show it.

Men always notice your hands and, believe me, there is nothing that can bring down an attractive woman quite as fast as dry uncared-for hands with chipped nails or peeling nail colors.

Hands usually show signs of age faster than any other part of the body. While you can caver up skin blemishes and feature flaws with make-up, remember that it is harder to hide imperfections of your hands because you don't wear make-up on them.

You could cover your face with make-up, your hair with a wig, your feet with shoes or sandals. But, except for short periods when you could wear gloves, you cannot disguise your hands.

As with all other things, perfect hands, too, are rare. But even if you cannot do anything about the shape and size of your hands, you can make them appear infinitely better if they are soft, clean and graceful.

General house work and cooking can play havoc with hands, leaving them rough, dry and calloused. Hands are one of the hardest worked parts of the body and they need special care.

The first golden rule for hand care is to cream them after each wash. This prevents roughness and dryness. If you do your own kitchen work, keep the hand cream or lotion near the kitchen sink to remind you of the importance of well-nourished hands.

Glycerin, almond oil and lanolin - all three help to soften the skin. Try to check that your hand cream contains at least one of these ingredients.

If your hands are dry and chapped, give them a little extra time before going to bed. After cleaning your hands, pat them dry with a towel, apply a generous layer of cream. Massage well and allow to work overnight.
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