Saturday, February 10, 2007

Various Massage Movements

Stroking Movement
This movement consists in running your hand very lightly over the part of the body you wish to massage. This soothes the skin and calms and relaxes the nerves. All massage must always start and end with stroking. Start the movement very slowly, accelerating gradually and slowing down again before starting another movement. The position of hands should be easy and relaxed. The palms of the hands or the pads of the fingers must be in complete contact with the skin and slide over it upwards towards the scalp. Movements should be always upwards, never downwards.

Vibrating Movement
This needs the aid of a vibrating instrument of the vibro-massage type. The movements should be made up­wards as for hand massage. This is very useful for cheeks and chin massage.

Kneading Movement
This resembles kneading of the flour. The fingers are folded in the kneading gesture, and soft kneading motion is applied all over the face. For body massage, this stroke becomes firmer.

Pressing Movement
This movement is used to remove the lymph from 'bags' under the eyes. In this movement pressure is exerted with the fingers.

Pinching Movement
Pinching is done to the flesh between the index and the middle finger, resembling the action of scissors. This stroke is helpful for the wrinkled skin and also for obese people. It is very helpful to reduce double chin and saggy, puffy cheeks. For body muscles, the skin is pinched between the thumb and forefinger, and the movement should be a little rapid.

Percussion Movement
This movement tones up and stimulates. The exercise should be done briskly with the fingertips together. It is recommended for the cheeks. For body massage, this movement is done by applying the edge of each hand alternately on the part to be massaged in a very rapid rhythm. The aim of this movement is to aid the nutrition of the tissues and to produce a soothing effect on the nerves.

Squeezing Movement
This movement will break down cellulitis of the connec­tive tissue. Place the palins of your hands on each side of the part to be massaged and press your hands hard, as if you are rubbing your hands together.

Rapping Movement
This movement is done briskly with hands half closed.

Patting Movement
This movement is done with the backs of your bands half closed.

Clapping Movement
Give yourself small successive taps or smacks. The air contained in the hollow of the hand gives elasticity to the movement.
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