Saturday, February 17, 2007

Simple Guide to Homemade Astringents

Astringent lotion is used to tone the skin and is necessary to remove the last traces of grease and closed pores. Never choose a harsh astringent lotion. Astringent is applied to the oiliest places such as the sides of the nose, chin and forehead. When blemishes occur, it is good for yourself to cover them. This helps to close the pores and discourage the greasy excretions from building up too rapidly under­neath your make up.

Strong astringent lotions contain alcohol. Surgical spirit, too, is a good astringent but it smells too much. I do not recommend the use of strong astringents as they over­dry the skin, leaving it tight and dehydrated. Always use a milder tonic or astringent. Here are a few home-made astringent preparations for you.

Honey Water Astringent:
Mix the following ingredients together in a glass jar with an air-tight lid for a week, shaking it twice daily.
2 tablespoons honey
2 tablespoons coriander seed
2 tablespoons nutmeg
1 tablespoon cloves
4 tablespoons grated lemon peel
8 tablespoons alcohol
4 tablespoons rose water
4 tablespoons orange flower water
112 teaspoon benzoin, and
1/2 teaspoon storax.

Rosemary Water Astringent:
2 tablespoons rosemary
peel and pith of a 1/4 orange
peel and pith of a 1/2 lemon
4 sprigs of mint
1/4 cup alcohol or witch-hazel (for mild astringent) 1/2 cup rose water

Mix all the ingredients together in a large air-tight bottle and let it stand for 48 to 72 hours, shaking fre­quently.

Lemon Astringent:
Mix the following ingredients together in a large bottle for 24 hours, then strain and use for greasy skin.
4 tablespoons lemon juice or juice of 2 large lemons
1/2 teaspoon peppermint extract
8 tablespoons witch-hazel
2 tablespoons alcohol

Camphor Astringent:
Mix together in a large bottle 1/2 cup rose water, 1/2 cup witch-hazel, 1(2 cup distilled water, 1 tablespoon camphor spirit and 2 drops blue coloring. To make the astringent stronger, add a pinch of alum. Strain and use to tighten and tone the skin. This recipe is especially good if you suffer from large pores and spots. It can also be used as an after-shave lotion by men.
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