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How to Massage Correctly and Recipes for Massage

Massage is also done with talcum powder. If you have an oily skin, powder massage is equally effective. Dab skin with a towel before a powder massage. Do not rub towel on the skin. After drying the skin thoroughly, dust it with any good talcum powder, preferably with a baby powder as this is milder and does not harm the sensitive skin. Be sure that your hands glide smoothly on the skin. If the face is not dry, the powder will stick to your skin and hamper the hand movement. Remember to spread a towel beneath your shoulders and head in order to avoid staining the bedspread below. If you have acne or pimples, avoid using greasy substance for massage. Even soap lather could be used as a massage medium, but this should be avoided as far as possible, as soap may in fact harm the problem skin.

Homemade Massage Paste:
This consists of wheat flour or oatmeal mixed into a paste with double cream. The paste has a deep-cleansing effect on the skin, removing dead cells and dirt.

Another way to make massage cream is to soak two handfuls of lentils in water overnight. Put these in the liquidizer with a small quantity of milk and wash yourself with the resultant mixture. This makes your skin shiny and smooth.

Homemade Massage Cream:
4 tablespoons lanolin
4 tablespoons sun flower or safflower oil
9 tablespoons rose water

Heat the oils together and then slowly add the heated water. Add a tablespoon of winter green or camphor oil to make a really invigorating massage cream. To make this cream lighter simply add 2 tablespoons of petroleum jelly.

Home Made Massage Oil:
Mix these oils together and use
½ cup almond oil
½ cup castor oil
1 teaspoon camphor oil
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