Thursday, November 08, 2007

Weekly Home Pedicure Guide

First get everything you need together

What you need:

Basin for soaking feet.
Pumice stone.
Moisturizing lotion.
Nail clippers.
Emery board.
Cuticle remover.
Orange stick.
Nail polish remover.
Nail polish.
Talcum powder.

Soak your feet in warm soapy water for about five to ten minutes. Relax. Wriggle your toes - that feels good.

Remove feet from the water and dry well with an old soft towel. Use the pumice stone gently on the heels and sides of the foot to remove any thick, dry and dead skin. Remove any dirt that might have accumulated under your toenails through the week.

Soak feet again in warm water for about a minute. Remove and pat dry. With a generous amount of moisturizer or a body lotion, massage your feet, paying special attention to the heels.

Clips your toenails straight across and file with the emery board. Remove all traces of old nail color.

Using your cuticle remover, massage your toenails well, paying special attention to the sides and corners. Gently push back the cuticle with a cotton-wrapped orange stick.

Now apply your nail color. Hold the toe gently between thumb and forefinger while applying nail color. This ensures that your toes will remain steady during this delicate operation!

Make sure that your toenails are absolutely dry and grease-free before applying nail color.

Use small swabs of cotton wool or sponge between toes to prevent smudging.

Apply nail color carefully with three distinct strokes on nail arch. While applying nail color, your hands should always move in the direction away from you. The first stroke should cover the centre panel of the nail. The second and third strokes should cover the side panels.

Before applying a second or third coat, let the nail color dry completely for at least five to seven minutes.

Use your body lotion once more after the final coat is absolutely dry.

Next morning, re-apply more lotion and then dust with talcum powder.
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