Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How to Deal with Facial Hair

Waxing: Not advisable.

Shaving: Not advisable.

Creaming: Not advisable.

Bleaching: This is a good way of camouflaging facial hair on the upper lip and sides of the face. Remember, however, that bleaching is only effective for fine, downy hair.

Tweezing: If you plan to go in for electrolysis later, remember that plucking hair from your upper lip will make the electrolysist's job more difficult later on.

Plucking is about the best way for removing stray hair around the eyebrows. Remember, however that tweezing must be done every day or every second day to avoid an untidy overgrown look.

Electrolysis: The only permanent way. Go to the best e1ectrolysist your money can afford. Remember that elec­trolysis must only be undertaken by an expert.
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