Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Beauty Care Equipments for Your Hair

Brush: The best your money can buy. Make sure that the bristles are of nylon and have well rounded tips. Brushes with blunt or jagged tips can hurt your scalp. Your brush should glide through dry hair just as if you were combing it with a wide-toothed comb.

Comb: It should have both wide and narrow teeth.

Dryer: Invest in a good dryer. Used well, this can be as important as your toothbrush.

Rollers: Preferably foam covered ones, if you can lay your hands on any. You will have to decide how many rollers you need yourself. If a problem arises, consult your hairdresser.

Shampoo: One that goes with your hair type and your current hair condition. Whichever you choose from the fairly wide variety you have, make sure that it is mild and contains no harsh detergents.

Conditioner: There is not much choice in conditioners in the Indian market. One reason for this is that we people have not yet become conditioner-conscious. However, what we have is fairly good. Don't let lack of variety hamper your use of conditioners.

Hair Pins or Clips: To keep your hair in place or just simply away from your face, a side-clip can sometimes be very classy and stylish in the evenings.
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