Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Overview On Products Eye Cream for Dark Circles

It is hardly a surprise to find people who have under eye circles to have relatively low self-esteem. A lot of individuals, especially women, find these dark circles socially embarrassing; these dermatological problems make them look old, even when they’re young. Every woman should therefore use a good-quality eye cream for dark circles because these can become irreversible problems if not addressed with proper treatment.

If you would like to have a treatment solution for such cosmetic issue, you don’t have to concern yourself too much because various kinds of eye creams for dark circles can be bought in the market. There exist plenty of cosmetic companies that promise to offer excellent products that get rid of dark circles. Browse any cosmetic aisle and you’ll find plenty of options. In fact, the market options can be quite overwhelming because of the numerous products being offered. If the product options are giving you a hard time, look for the following ingredients in order to narrow your search: Vitamin C, Vitamin K, alpha hydroxy acid, and kinetin.

• According to one study conducted by Japanese researchers, Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps improve dark circles under the eye. It corrects the thinning of the dermis and eliminates dark coloration brought about by congested blood.

• One of the main causes of the much-hated dark circles is swollen blood vessels. Vitamin K is a potent coagulant that aids in lightening dark circles by reducing the swelling of blood vessels under the eye.

• Alpha hydroxy acids are hydrating-agents used as additives in cosmetics such as foundations, sunscreens, moisturizers, cleansers, and eye creams. These chemicals cause increased skin thickness which, in turn, causes dark circles to lighten.

• Clinical studies have shown that kinetin is very effective in eliminating dark circles and in promoting younger-looking skin in general. It effectively rejuvenates the aging skin by providing intense hydration and stimulating collagen production.

Remember to pick an eye cream for dark circles with the said ingredients. These substances are proven effective against under eye dark circles. Be sure to use the product continuously for several weeks for more visible results.

By Natural Beauty Tips
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