Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Feeding Your Skin With Avocado Face Mask

Everyone dreams of having a nice clear, tight skin that is soft and supple to the touch similar to the best skin in the world- a baby’s. It is a goal that everyone tries to achieve in one’s lifetime that starts as soon as one realizes how important facial skin texture is. Naturally nourishing and flourishing, nothing can beat an avocado face mask.

An avocado is a complete meal that contains an average of fourteen health and dietary requirements making it as a super fruit that can stand alone. It has so much good monounsaturated fats ranking second only to olives. It is mainly composed of anti-oxidants like glutathione, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. There are many other nutrients bundled in an avocado: magnesium, iron, folate, copper, Vitamin B complex, calcium, sodium and potassium.

Whatever is good enough for the tummy must be good enough for the facial skin. Avocado can be used to remove grime and unclog pores on face and neck area. Older and dry facial skin can best be nourished and moisturized by mashing the avocado flesh. The anti-oxidants packed in the avocado help fight off free radicals that cause skin aging, wrinkles, dryness, and age spots. Use singularly, mashed avocado with all its fats and nutrients makes for a perfect face mask already. Mixing it with other home or natural ingredients make it even better. The only thing one must know is how to best address the problem area by being aware of the potentials of other ingredients. If the tightening of skin is desired, the addition of egg white which is purely protein will suffice;however,if whitening is the desired effect, lemon will be a great addition.

One can always go to a spa for face mask and facials but that will command some hefty sum. Meanwhile, you can bask in the glorious comforts of your own bathroom with some aromatic candles and scents to relax your nerves. Whatever signature concoction you will mask your face with, it is important to relax, focus on beautiful skin, and think of happy times.

By Beauty Tips
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