Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tips and Guidelines for Skin Bleach

Bleach is a substance used to lighten color. Bleaches are most commonly used on the hair and the bleaching ingredient is usually hydrogen peroxide. This strips color from the hair fairly effectively but it can be dangerous if used without due care. Ideally it should only be handled by a skilled, professional hairdresser.

More recently, skin bleaches have become available. For example, there are products containing hydroquinone, a powerful chemical with the ability to remove pigmentation from the skin. This chemical is so powerful that it can actually turn dark skins white. Products containing this ingredient are sometimes used for the treatment of skin blem­ishes, freckles and so on, but do not recommend its use for any such procedure. Hydroquinone is unpredictable and you could end up with permanent, patchy depigmentation.
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