Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Simple Skin Care Tips for Heat and Cold Weather.

Intense cold and extreme heat have a bad effect on the skin. Probably the ideal climate for keeping the skin soft and smooth is a mild and wet one. Heat has a drying and ageing effect on all types of skins, with the exception of oily skin. As the natural oils begin to dry, the skin becomes lea­thery and tends to wrinkle. The leathery texture and brown pigment are actually the skin's own natural protection against the effect of ultra-violet radiation. The solution to this ageing problem is to replace the lost moisture with moisturizing your skin daily. Remember that a light, golden tone to the skin can be just as attractive as a deep reddish-­brown one. To prevent sun-burn the skin produces Melanin.

Exposure to cold also dries and roughens the skin. Sudden exposure to intense cold can produce blotchiness, hasten the appearance of thread veins on the cheeks and give the skin a flaky appearance. Moisturizing and make­up are the best protection in this case. Do not subject the skin to sudden extremes of temperature. This may produce scorch marks on the skin and cause chilblains.

Salt water is generally good for the skin if the salt is later removed with a fresh-water shower. Otherwise, the salt will make the skin excessively dry and may produce burning. Water from the tap can be good for your skin, depending on the type of your skin and the hardness or softness of the water itself. If your skin is extremely dry, washing your face in tap water will not be helpful, for the salts and calcium in the water will dry it further, Use a water softener when washing. Beware of using hard- water on the face. Use a softening substance such as bath salts or oil for bathing your body. For freshening the face spray in hot weather (mineral water is ideal) with a well washed spray bottle and direct it straight on to your skin.

Central heating and air-conditioning are both potential enemies of good skin. In such an atmosphere even a normal skin may rebel. Heavy foundation or make-up becomes doggy and if secretions build up underneath, spots result. It is wise to keep make-up to a minimum. Do not forget deep cleansing every night and use a cleansing face mask at least once a week to keep the skin fresh.
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